A love affair

When I first met you, I had no idea what you were about. I tried to find out as much as I could, but nothing would ever prepare me for you.

They told me you would make me feel amazing. That I will be on cloud nine after each and every time. That you’ll make me fly.

That you’ll be like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

They also warned me that you can be difficult. And demanding. I was warned that you might even make me cry in due time.

Ever the curious cat, I went to see for myself.

I stood there, vulnerable and unknowing. Within moments my palms began to sweat. My heartbeat slowly climbed up, a mixture of nerves and my lungs catching up to the moment. My fingers were covered with inexplicable tingling sensation. Later I found out that it was just dehydration.

As I walked home afterwards and I wondered where you had been all my life. I was light as air, and yes, they were right. You made me soar. They forgot to aptly give me the name for this feeling. I was stoned. Yoga stoned, that is.

Now, years later, we found ourselves at a crossroads. Or rather, it was me who stood at that fork in the road. I’ve become disillusioned. Despaired. Disappointed. I didn’t feel like seeing you for awhile.

At first, I didn’t understand why. But then I realized others have come between us. Of course, I blamed them. And I blamed you. But I never thought to look inside.

Finally, it came to me that it was I who had slowly let others in between us. The frustrations made me feel as if what we’ve had all these years suddenly ceased to matter. The little things had grown so monumental I forgot what was on the other side. But in reality, I had become lazy, pure and simple.

Yesterday, despite my hesitations and reservations, I went back to you. As I stood there, just like the first time, you reminded me that you have been waiting for me, patient and unassuming. You welcomed me back with no questions, only answers I didn’t even know I was looking for.

And so once again, I was back. Sweating, breathing, tingling. And this time, it was because my electrolytes were off. And I was slightly hungover.

They were right. You are nothing I’ve ever experienced before. You’ve been the best relationship I ever had.

Thank you, Bikram Yoga. I think you’ve finally cured me of my fear of commitment. And small bladder issues. You and I are going places, kid.


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