There is no try.

I can’t remember a specific moment or injury that caused weakness in my left knee.  I also can’t remember when I finally attempted toe stand years ago.  Every class since, I’ve tried padangustasana, and every class, I’ve fallen out or released the left side of the posture because of pain (including in teacher training).

Yesterday, for the first time in a very long time, I thought, what if I stayed in tree. But because of habit, or years of practice, or the need to do the series as a whole, I went in even while still contemplating about not doing it.

Let me rephrase that – my body was doing things my mind was saying it could not or would not do.

My body, so disciplined in this yoga, went ahead and left my mind in the tiring debate of ‘to do or not to do’.

While this was just one posture, it was the one to show me what a regular practice has done for me.  It isn’t to help me be incredibly flexible, or build the strongest body but to eliminate the cant’s and the wont’s.  Who would’ve thought that was toe stand’s benefit?

In the words of Yoda, ‘Do or do not. There is no try.’ 


One thought on “There is no try.

  1. Lala, great post and insight! Toe stand is the pose that I always sit out because of my right knee. I won’t attempt it because I had a bad fall in Awkward pose that reignited an old injury on a knee that has been fragile ever since I tore my meniscus while doing the limbo. Yes, the limbo – on a cruise ship, no less. That was about 15 yrs ago…. (I sound old!)

    The mind-body connection is so intriguing, complex, and rewarding. It’s so cool that you’ve identified how the practice has pushed you… it’s given me something to think about. Fear holds me back in Toe Stand and I wonder, “what if…” in every class but hold myself back as I cringe at the thought of my knee unclicking. Maybe I need to see a physio 😉

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